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Strategy development

»A sailor without destination cannot hope for a favourable wind.«
(Michel de Montaigne)

Our service

We are developing an approach for strategy development that uses the expertise potential of your organisation as well as strengthens the commitment of those involved. The shared view of the future represents the basis for the strategic process. After a fi rst analysis of the initial situation (strengths, weaknesses, markets, competitors, market position, performance of areas) and of the strategic forecast regarding environmental development (key markets, trends, external chances and risks), we go on to develop strategic options (growth, customer needs, technologies, competitors, products) and to evaluate them (resources, company success, time frame). As a final result of this we come up with targets and measures to ensure the implementation of the strategy.

Your added value

Strategic thinking does not only involve top management, but is implemented by leaders and key individuals. Strategy without vision can be compared to a tree without roots. The strength of a business lies in a coherent strategy that takes into account the situation of the organisation and environment as well as being supported and implemented by its employees. The process of strategy development is as effective as the strategy itself and results in orientation lasting several years.