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Organisational Restructuring

We develop a tailor-made organisational structure together with you. 

Our service

After short and intense analyses of the current situation (strategy, processes, culture, com- pany environment) and future requirements, we conceive a clear and sound structural model together with you, which suits your organisation and can be easily implemented. Precise crash barriers, defined by the top management, are decision parameters for the choice of structure and the staffing process. We then continue our support in respect of all the remaining de- mands of the implementation stage with our Change Management know how.

Your added value

Tailor-made structural models are not only based on the requirements of the market or stra- tegic direction, but also on the process-related and cultural opportunities and limitations of your business. The potential for improvement is raised and employees play a responsible part in the development and realisation of the new structure. We can support you starting with the concept right up to the implementation of an organisational structure. 

Organisational Restructuring