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Partnerships and Mergers & Acquisitions

The key thing is what is said between the lines: just one more area of our expertise!

Our service

We are with you from the beginning! With a systemic-complementary cultural due diligence we can answer the following questions: what do we need as a search company? Who is right for us? How do we best deal with the new partner? What do we have to pay attention to during the negotiation stage and the ensuing cooperation? We organise the negotiations in such a way that dialogue takes place and trust is generated. In the post-merger integration phase we support you with our cumulative knowledge of change management in order to ensure rapid optimisation together with sustainable development.

Your added value

We ensure that you will find the suitable partner to embark upon a trusting and viable coope- ration. Delicate points, ambiguity or excessive expectations will be put into a realistic perspective. In this way the critical success factors for a successful implementation of a partnership or acquisition can be ensured at an early stage. 

Partnerships and Mergers & Acquisitions