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Large Group Facilitation Excellence

With our large group sessions you ignite the fire in your employees and leaders! 

Our service

Our core competence is the creation of dynamic and interactive large group events – whether for 30 or more than 1000 people. We tailor large group sessions to your company ́s needs. Carefully prepared and well thought out in conjunction with a steering committee, our design fits the need perfectly. With our professional facilitation people feel secure and the goal of the event is certainly reached. We excel at all the usual large group formats, such as Future Search Conferences, Open Space Technology, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry Summits, Market Places etc., but also innovative formats like Speed Geeking and numerous tailor-made event designs. So far, we have prepared, designed and facilitated around 400 large group events.

Your added value

Your managers and your staff feel involved. Customers feel they are part of your brand. Their voices are heard. Results are made transparent. Decisions and key messages are communicated to a large number of people without the Chinese whispers effect. The top leadership is recognis- able – speaking with one voice. The energy level of the invited crowd of people is high. Creativi- ty gets a boost. The event sticks positively in the collective memory and adds to the company ́s identity. Your leaders and employees feel they are part of a community – you see performance growing. 

Large Group Facilitation Excellence