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Executive Business Coaching

Get added value for you and your leaders by gaining a new perspective! 

Our service

Our Executive Business Coaching is the process of professionally reflecting on the role of lea- ders in the specific organisational context. Leaders discover coaching as a useful support for their leadership role. Our approach to coaching using the systemic route is very sustainable as it follows a step by step model of starting from observable facts and shared perceptions to a deeper understanding of the hidden potential that can be unleashed. Coaching is conducted by us acting as an external, confidential partner. A few of the areas covered are: exploring the complexity of the leaders, examining the various perspectives of leadership situations and the leaders themselves, supporting leaders in visualising and mapping out their futures and goals, exploring the leaders’ thoughts, feelings and actions.

Your added value

What added value do you get? It is the additional perspective your leaders gain. Your leaders „recharge” their batteries and consciously reflect on their role and performance. They become aware of their worth and inner motivations. They formulate their vision(s) and targets. They recognise their many resources and knowhow and how to make use of them. They become aware of the expectations placed on them by their environment and how they themselves would like to deal with them. 

Executive Business Coaching