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Königswieser & Network, International Management Consulting

Our ideal: To leave our mark on organisations and in society.

Königswieser & Network GmbH was founded in 2002 in Austria.

We offer extensive and well-established expertise in the various different areas of organisational and change management consulting – always tailored to your specific needs. We bring together all the relevant internal and external stakeholders of a company. We see resources and potential – not deficiencies. That’s why we always work with options, visions and a positive image of the future. We give high priority to involving all members of the organisation – from top management to middle management and staff – in the design of the change process. This enables us to quickly leverage “collective intelligence”.

With our team of more than fifty consultants worldwide, we have supported and facilitated some 400 change projects over the last fifteen years.

As pioneers, we have gone beyond the systemic approach to develop what we call the “complementary way of consulting”. This involves the integration of so-called hard and soft factors. Our methods enable both rapid optimization and sustainable development. Ongoing research and development activities carried out in collaboration with our clients enable us to stay ahead of the game and ensure we live up to our reputation as the “innovation leader” in our sector.

Königswieser & Network
International Management Consulting
Marokkanergasse 22/7a, 1030 Vienna, Austria
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